Grayscale Portrait of Woman
Photo by It’s me Neosiam on Pexels.com

Unhappiness is when your values are not in agreement with your OWN reality. Unhappiness is when your thinking is not in line with what is in front of you. It is not about not having anything. It is about the fitness of what you have and your values.

If you want to be happy, make sure your choices match your values. If not, you will not be happy.

Edward de Bono said, “Unhappiness is best defined as the difference between our talents and our expectations.”

Again, it depends on your values. It also depends on your choices. Your values guide your choices. It should be. I hope it is.

If your talent matches your expectations, the result is happiness. If your talent does not match your expectations, the result is unhappiness. To correct this, make sure you maintain your values, and lower your expectations. Maybe.

Maybe not.