The real growth is in what you don’t know

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The real growth is in what you don’t know, not in what you already mastered. If you want to add to your knowledge, you should spend time with what you don’t know.

It feels good to spend time with what you already know, but you are not gaining anything from doing it. If so, why wasting your time? It feels good to do it. It is comfortable doing it. It does not require extra thinking. It is a prepared food.

Why waste your time with what you’ve already mastered? Instead, spend quality thinking time with what will add value to your life. Spend time with that difficult assignment. Spend time with your homework. Spend time with quality books. Real growth is in what you don’t know. Because it opens a new way of thinking about things. It stimulate creativity, because you want to know what makes it special. It forces you to read more about the subject.

Doing what you haven’t done before adds value to your life. Doing what you have always been doing takes away something special form you: your time.

If you want to grow, go after what you don’t know, and it will expand your thinking.