Fear: Our Hidden Bodyguard And Why It Is Dangerous

Grayscale Photography of Crying Woman

How many people are dealing with fear right now? A lot. Fear has no friend. It deals with everyone. Even the CEO of the world’s largest business is feeling it. It knows no title. It does not matter where you work, what you do, how you do it, how long you’ve been doing it, fear is part of the game. It is the toughest battle we face in our lives.

Fear acts like a bodyguard. It is hidden. It is hidden in our inner mind (subconscious mind). That is why it is so difficult to remove. If you allow fear to control you, it will stop you from making progress in life. It will talk you out of your dreams. It will give you all kinds of reasons why your dream is not the right one for you. To cure it, continue with your plans. Don’t accept what you are hearing. It is the hidden voice of fear trying to convince you to stay where you are- your comfort zone.

Fear is comfortable with the status quo. But if you want to explore new plans, new territories, fear will tell you this: “No, it won’t work!” It will come up with lots of reasons why it won’t work. Don’t fall for it. Continue on with your plan. The only thing that can conquer fear is ACTION. Take action. Big action.

Fear has done enough to cripple you. It is your time to cripple fear. The only weapon you have is ACTION. Because with action, fear will leave you alone. It will leave you alone to live your life- your real life, your true life, your dream life.

Remember, fear comes from within. Don’t let fear hold you back. Acknowledge it, and move on.