Fear Is Impersonal

Grayscale Photography of Woman Touching Her Eyes

Fear is impersonal. Fear doesn’t know who you are. Fear is fear. It acts regardless of who you are, where you work, where you live, and whatever it is that you want to achieve in life. Fear is there. Fear will stop you from living your dream, if it can.

Fear acts objectively. Fear wants to make you live, think, look, and act inferior. It cripples dreams. If you give fear a chance, it will cripple your dreams, too.

If you want to deal with fear, you MUST set realistic goals and go after your goals with all you have. Ask yourself, “Do I have what it takes to accomplish my dreams?” If you don’t have the skills, then reevaluate yourself.

The only thing that can put fear where it belongs is ACTION. If you really want to conquer fear, take action. Big action. Because without action, fear will remain.

Take action, fear will leave you alone.