“One Is Always Living A Little More Or Dying A Little Bit”

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Norman Mailer said, “Every moment of one’s existence one is growing into more or retreating into less. One is always living a little more or dying a little bit.”

We are either growing or dying? For the purpose of this article, dying means a lack of growth.

When you are not growing, you are dying. When you pay attention to your life, when you do what you are supposed to do to get you to the next level, when you face your fear in a positive way, when you associate yourself with the right people, when you manage your time very well, you are growing, not dying.


When you procrastinate, when you waste your time on irrelevant things, when you focus on what people are saying about you, when you focus on what you cannot do (instead of what you can do), when you wait for the right time to do something (even when there is no perfect time to do anything), when you don’t recognize the fact that every moment is a chance for you to be a better person, you are dying.

If you want to enjoy every moment of your life on earth, start doing the following things:

  1. Focus on what makes you happy, not on what makes people happy
  2. Help people to achieve their own goals
  3. Don’t waste a single day thinking about what people are saying about you. Whatever they say about you is their own property, not yours
  4. Understand that there are people out there that you cannot make happy. So, don’t try to please everybody. You cannot make everybody happy. Why waste your time?
  5. Focus on your health and well-being. It is very important.
  6. Listen to great minds, not small-minded ones
  7. Build REAL relationships with GREAT people.
  8. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Accept yourself.
  9. Don’t wait for the perfect time to do something you know has the potential to change your life. There is no perfect time to do anything, do it now.
  10. Embrace adversity. When you face adversity, don’t run away, try to understand why it is happening to you.
  11. Celebrate your life everyday.
  12. Appreciate what you have, work toward what you don’t have.
  13. Celebrate people, don’t criticize them.
  14. Celebrate nature. Enjoy nature
  15. Embrace your limitations, and celebrate your strengths.

Every moment is a chance to enjoy life, not to dislike it. Enjoy yours!