Lots Of People Are Not Living Their Dreams Because They Are Afraid To Try Anything

Butterfly Perched on Flower

E. Bright

Why are you limiting yourself? Why are you running away from opportunities? Why are you afraid to try new things?

Lots of people are not living their dreams because they are afraid to try anything of value.

Why are you afraid?

People are afraid to try something that could change their lives because of what people might say about them. They are afraid of failure. They are afraid of living their comfort zones. Remember, your comfort zone today will be your limiting zone tomorrow.

People also limit themselves by not recognizing opportunities when they appear. They miss opportunity to grow because they focus on the ordinary instead of focusing on the extraordinary things. They close their minds to new ways of thinking. They close their minds to new ways of doing things.

Don’t limit yourself. Expand yourself. The door is open; don’t close it. People who are getting things done are not smarter than you, but they are more brave and courageous than you. They are not weak. They are not timid. They don’t blame the system; they create the system. They don’t blame circumstances; they create their own circumstances.

Stop limiting yourself. Start creating your own circumstances. If you don’t know how to go about it, start with what you know. The beginning of anything is the most difficult part. If you survive the beginning, you will get to the finish line. Even if you try and fail, try again. Never stop trying. Never stop learning.