If You Can Do Big Things, Why Wasting Your Time Trying To Master The Little Things

View of Elephant in Water

E. Bright

Lots of people can run, but they chose to crawl through life. Lots of people can run, but they chose to walk through life.

It is okay to walk, not when you can run. It is okay to crawl, not when you can walk.

So, what does it mean to crawl or walk through life when you can run?

They are scared to leave where they are. They are scared of the unknown. Instead of trying new things, instead of trying new opportunities, they prefer to stay where they are. I am not saying you should leave your workplace, if it is satisfying your needs. That is not what I am talking about.

The point here is: “If you can swim in big ocean, why swimming in fish pond.” That is the point.

If you can do big things, why doing the little things? If you can think big thinking, why are you thinking small? If you can dream big dreams, why are you dreaming small dreams?

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to excel by wasting your time with the small meaningless things. Always try before you reject; don’t reject before you try.