Disappointment Is The Way

Man Wearing Brown Suit Jacket Mocking on White Telephone

By E. Bright

When you disappoint yourself, when you disappoint others, when others disappoint you, don’t blame yourself, don’t blame anyone, it is a blessing in disguise. Disappointment is the way.

Instead of blaming yourself or others, start asking “Why.”

You ask “why” to reduce your anger about the situation, to plan the next move, to see it as a way to know more about yourself and the situation, as a way to think more, and as a way to do more.

The only way you will feel really disappointed is when you feel disappointed inside. When you are okay inside, when your inner self is untouched, there is no need to engage yourself in self-pity.

Disappointment is a blessing, not a curse. It leads you to other opportunities that you didn’t know existed before. Disappointment helps you learn more about yourself and the situation.

Whenever you feel disappointed, say to yourself, “It is a blessing, not a curse.” It will be a curse if you say so. It will be a blessing if you say so. You are what you tell yourself.

When you feel disappointed, don’t blame, ask “why.”