How To Master Your Inner Self

Fish Underwater

“He who reigns within himself and rules his passions, desires, and fears is more than a king.”- John Milton, poet

It is clear that not everybody has the ability to control their inner lives. Some people are good at it; others are still learning how to master it. It pays well when you know exactly what is going on inside your internal warehouse- your mind.

To know yourself, to control yourself, you should be able to control your thoughts and your behavior.

Whatever is not under control spills out of control. In order to achieve something of value, you should be able to manage your behavior.

Have you ever seen a successful person that wasn’t able to control their passions, desires, and fears? I haven’t.

It is good to be passionate, and it is equally good to be ready when your passion is put to the test. You cannot be certain as to whether you are passionate about something or not until it is put to the test. Success starts with passion and the desire to succeed.

The desire to succeed is the pillar behind every successful person. The aspiration to succeed is what is leading the way to the latest discoveries. If you want to succeed, if you want to discover a new ground, you must double your desire to succeed. How? Start by planting a seed of success in your mind. Second, nurture the seed of success you have planted in your mind, and follow through with all your resources. All of these cannot happen without some sort of anxiety or fear in your stomach. People who have done significant things in life were first confronted by fear. But they went ahead and pursued their dreams.

Successful people experience fear, just like you do. They manage their fears very well. They don’t give in to fear; they don’t surrender to fear. Unlike the rest of us, myself included, when we plan to do something that has the potential to change our lives, the first thing that comes to mind is fear. All the fears in the world will gush into our minds like toxic thoughts. Yes, it is like toxic thoughts, because fear has the power to stop people from pursuing their dreams. Fear presents people with negative pictures of what they are about to do. It gives people countless reasons why their plans won’t work. But if you move past these dream-killing reasons, you are closer to achieving your dreams. Sometimes, fear can be people who are not supportive of your plans, or people who want your plans to die. It could also be you. Yes, you!

If you can manage your fears, your passions, and your desires, you are more than a king. You become your own king.

Do you want to be your own king?