The Future Still Remains

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“When all else is lost, the future still remains.”- Christian Nestell Bovee, writer

When all else is lost, the future still remains, according to Christian Nestell Bovee. Yes, the future still remains. Everything we are chasing lies ahead of us? So, all is not lost.

This is where lots of people have problems. When we are going through tough times, it does not mean after the trying period that everything will come to a halt. No, it won’t. I don’t know if you noticed the crucial words here: “going through.” It says when we are “going through,” it didn’t say “staying there.” There are significant differences between those words. What are some of the differences?

“Going through” means to advance through, to proceed through, to progress through, to move through, and to travel through. Again, it didn’t say “staying there.” “Staying there,” on the other hand, means to settle there, to remain there, to reside there, to stop there, and to wait there.

Why did I spend time to explain the differences between “going through” and “staying there?” I thought that it would be important to make these distinctions. When we are going through tough times, which is part of life, and which we cannot exclude, it doesn’t mean that all is lost. It means we are preparing for the next move; because where we are going is better and bigger than where we are coming from. Everything you are chasing is ahead of you; they are not behind you. Which one has more potential to change your life? Is it the past, or the future?

“Everything you are chasing is ahead of you.”

I believe you have heard stories about people who had lost everything, and later found success in life. They found success because they focused on what was ahead of them, not what was behind them.

If you want to find success in life, separate yourself from the terrible experiences from the past, and focus on what is ahead of you. The past is gone. You cannot change it. But you can change your future with the actions you take today. All is not lost, the future still remains.

All is not lost, plan for the future that you want, and go get it. If others can do it, you can do it too. Be a forward-looking person, and be a positive thinker.


Are you ready to forget the bad experiences of the past that have been holding you back?

Are you ready to move forward?