“Who Looks Outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.”

Person on a Bridge Near a Lake

What is happening inside of you is bigger than what is happening outside of you.

According to Carl Jung, “Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.”

When something happens, the ability to consult your inner self is a skill nobody can teach you. You are the only one who can teach yourself how to listen to your inner master. As Carl Jung said, if you consult with yourself, you will find peace. If you consult with others, you have given away your power. I am not saying experts are not knowledgeable, because they are. But you are smarter. Believe in your ability to heal yourself.

When we need help, the first thing we do is to consult with our friends, our families, and our experts. We do this because we believe experts have all the answers to our problems. They have the answers, but not all the answers we are looking for. It is easier for us to look to the outside world for solutions to our problems. But the truth is, the answer to your problem is within you. Our strengths come from our real self.

It is important to look inside for solutions to our problems. When you look inside for solutions, you will find them. When you look inside for directions, you will find the right path to your destination. When you rely on your inner master, everything is possible.

“Your greater self is the inner you. Your smaller self is the  outer you. Focus on your greater self.”

Learn to listen to yourself. Learn to listen to your inner voice for advice. Your inner voice will never mislead you. There is no distraction inside you. Inside, everything is calm. Outside, on the other hand, is full of distractions.

“Peace comes from within; do not seek it without.”- Buddha

If you want solutions to anything that is bothering you, look inward for solutions. The more you look outward for solutions, the more confused you will be. Look inward.

All Together:

Listen to yourself, and you will find the solutions to your problems.