The Danger of “What if…”

Photo of Person Holding Alarm Clock

“What if…” has prevented people from reaching their full potential. It has done a big damage to many people. It has kept many people in a self-prepared prison. It has kept many people in isolation.

Here are some examples of “What ifs…” that have prevented so many people from living a balanced life:

“What if I fail?”

“What if I am not good enough?”

“What if they don’t pick me?”

“What if they don’t like me?”

“What if the school is not my type?”


People allow these “What ifs…” to stop them from succeeding because they have allowed them to dominate their minds. They have given it attention. Remember, whatever you give attention grows. Whatever you think about repeatedly, you will become.

Why is it so dangerous to growth?

“What if…” is so terrible to growth because:

It prevents you from being successful. It presents you with the wrong image. It creates images of failure in your head. It prevents you from reaching your goals, because you are so scared to break out of your comfort zone. It keeps you in your comfort zone. The problems with staying in your comfort zone are: 1) You unconsciously reject greatness, prosperity, growth, and advancement. 2) You unconsciously reduce the growth of the people working or associated with you. 3) It demotivates you because there is nothing happening there. You are playing a safe game.

“What if…” prevents you from taking smart risks, because you don’t want to fail, you don’t want to be criticized, and you don’t want to be rejected by others. Rejection is a topic for another day.

Some strategies to fight “What if…” disease.

Your first medication is to take the pill of “So what?” Replace all the negative thoughts in your head with positive thoughts. Don’t let what you think stop you from moving forward. Don’t let what others think stop you from moving forward. Move forward!

Take action. Taking action is the ONLY medication to cure this disease. Don’t avoid anything. Don’t run away from anything. The seed to your prosperity and growth is in what you are avoiding. To conquer this problem, take intentional action. Take strategic actions. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t wait, do it today. Do it now!

Stay away from unproductive friends. The more you associate yourself with your unproductive friends, the more unproductive you will be.

Face your fear. Don’t run away from the thing you are afraid of, face it. It is the fear in your mind that leads to “What if…” disease. If you conquer your fear, you have succeeded in conquering your “What if….” problem. To conquer your fear, double your risk.

Reprogram your mind. You can change your excuses to actions by reprogramming your mind. Change it from failure thinking to success thinking. Create the desire to succeed in your mind.

Use imagination to create an image of success in your mind.

All Together:

If you refuse to take action and drop your “What if…” mentality, if you refuse to reprogram your mind, if you refuse to get rid of those excuses, the ultimate price is failure. When it happens, don’t blame anyone, blame yourself.