The Right Attitude

Person's Left Hand Holding Green Leaf Plant

You need the right attitude to succeed in life. You need the right attitude to face your challenges, to face your obstacles, to face your battles, and to be successful.

One cannot go through life without having to jump over some difficult hurdles. Life is not without difficulties. You need the right attitude to weather the storm. You need the right attitude to go through the gate of difficulties into the paradise of success.

Our attitude is a reflection of what we are thinking in mind. It shows the world what we are thinking. If we are thinking about negative things, it will show in our behavior. If we are preoccupied with positive thoughts in our minds, it will reflect in our behavior. The right attitude makes life easier for us. It brings people closer to us. It makes dealing with toxic people much easier. The right attitude is a victory ticket for you anywhere you go.

But, when we are faced with a problem, the first thing that comes to mind is the “I can’t fix this” attitude. This is the issue with lots of people. When you have a problem to fix, it is not the time to occupy your mind with negative thoughts. It is the time you should fill your mind with positive thoughts. Positive thoughts allow you to relax and think clearly. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, create more tension and confusion, because your brain is filled with the stress hormones. Whenever you have problem, big or small, don’t amplify it. Take a deep breathe, relax, and think about it in a clear and orderly manner.

In his book Life is like a Taxi Ride, J. Lyman MacInnis describes attitude as: “The only thing in life over which we have complete control is our mental attitude.” You can control what you think about. You have total control over your mind. Don’t let negative thoughts into your mind. Fill your mind with positive thoughts.

We always think we have problems. But the reality is that we don’t have any problem. The REAL problem is how we think about the problem. To quote J. Lyman MacInnis, “Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it.” When you are going through difficult times, fill your mind with positive thoughts; and remove negative thoughts from your mind. once you have succeeded in removing negative thoughts from your mind, you will have a clean mind to think creatively about the issue at hand.

Always think positively, and problems will disappear.

All Together:

Your success will depend on how you see the world. Regardless of your situation, always fill your mind with positive thoughts, not negative thoughts.