How To Know Who You Are

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He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.”- Lao Tzu

To know yourself is the beginning of your life. Nothing matters if you don’t know who you are. It is difficult for lots of people to find out who they really are. Some succeeded in doing that, others not so much.

To know ourselves is the reason we are here. We are not here to occupy empty spaces. We are here for a purpose, for a mission. When you discover the reason you are here, when you discover your purpose on earth, you become a free person.

So, the question is, “Do you know who you are?” Or, “Do you know anything about yourself?” When I say anything, I mean REAL things about your self (goal, mission, character, attitude, values).

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are good to go. If you answered no to the above questions, it is time to take a comprehensive look at yourself. I mean a comprehensive assessment.Take inventory of yourself. Ask yourself hard questions about who you really are, and what you want.

For the purpose of this article, self-knowledge is defined as what you know about yourself, such as your character, your values, your goals, and your spirituality.

It is time to look at some strategies that will help you find out who you really are:

Ask the “why” questions. If you want to know yourself, it is important to ask the “why” questions because without the “why” questions, lots of things won’t be clear to you. You have to know why you are here. You have to know your purpose in life. Always ask why something is happening. Things happen for a reason (negative or positive).

Ask the “who” questions. As I said before, knowing who you are is the beginning of life. Asking the “who am I” will help you figure that out. Be honest with yourself. Don’t try to be something you are not. Love yourself. Embrace who you are. You are beautiful!

“Knowing who you are is the beginning of life.”

Ask for feedback. Seek feedback from people you trust. Seek feedback from all sources, not from your friends. Your friends are not going to give honest feedback. Because they are afraid not to hurt your feelings. You need feedback to grow, to know what you are doing right or wrong. Pocket your ego.

Embrace Change. We are changing everyday. To know who you are, embrace change. Be open to new experiences. It will reveal to you what you are good at, what your values are. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you can’t really know much about yourself, about your skills, and about your values. If you want to add new experiences to the ones you already have, visit new places, read indiscriminately, talk to different people from other cultures. Diverse ideas will show you something new about yourself.

Read Books. Readers are leaders. Not all leaders are readers. To be a GREAT leader, you have to be a voracious reader. If you read indiscriminately, you will know a lot about yourself and the people around you. You will have more intelligent conversations with the world. Read more to understand more, to learn more, and to discover more.

“To be a great leader, you have to be a voracious reader.”

Be Open-minded. To know who you really are, open your mind to new experiences. Be a child. Be a student. Be flexible. Don’t close the gate to your mind. The more open your mind is, the more you will learn about yourself.

“The more open your mind is, the more you will learn about  yourself.”

Keep a Journal. The art of recording things will help you keep track of how you spend your time. It is a great time management skill to develop. If you can, do it. When write things down, you can go back later to check how and what you did at a particular moment in time. It also allows you to reflect on your past failures and successes. Finally, and most important, it allow us to preserve our memories.

All Together:

When you know who you are, things become easier for you.  You will understand yourself and others better.