Who Are You Flying With?

Aerial View of Fisherman on Boat

Who are you flying with? Are you flying with the eagles? Or Are you flying with the turkeys?

Why are these questions important?


If you want to be successful, your association matters. It matters who you are flying with. If your dream is to be very successful, you have to fly with successful people. Don’t fly with unsuccessful people. You have to learn their secrets. You have to do what they are doing that made them successful. It is not enough to just dream about being successful, you also have to do the hard work.

“If you want to fly with the eagles, you can’t continue to scratch with the turkeys.”- Zig Ziglar

For example, if you want to be like Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, you have to find a way to learn from Jeff Bezos. If you can’t meet him, read his books, or listen to his speeches.

Your success is going to depend on the people you fly with. If you want to productive, fly with productive people. Don’t fly with unproductive people. They will pull you back. They will prevent you from reaching your goals. Fly with doers, not dreamers.

Everything starts with a dream. There are two types of dreamers:

Positive dreamers: These are the good dreamers. They dream and follow through with their dreams.

Negative dreamers: These are the bad dreamers. They dream only and never follow through with their dreams.

If you really want to get stuff done, fly with the doers, not with wishers. Successful people are doing something right- that is why they are successful. To be successful is not by accident. It takes time.

It is you that owns the key to your success. Don’t dream, do. Associate yourself with the right people, read great books written by successful people, join the right associations, attend the right conferences, subscribe to the right websites, and listen to the right tapes. If you do these things, success is within your reach. It is up to you.