Never, Never, Never Give Up

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Everyday, we are faced with situations that make us want to quit. If we quit, what is next for us?

Winston Churchill said, “never, never, never give up.”

It is easier to quit than it is to continue doing what you are doing.

When you quit because it is too difficult, too hard, you will not succeed. People that quit don’t succeed. They don’t finish what they start. And if you don’t finish what you start, or get into something better than what you were doing before, how can you guarantee yourself success?

If Abraham Lincoln had quit, he would not have been written in the “Golden Book” of history. He failed in almost everything he did in his remarkable life, but he never quit, and he never gave up.

If you quit you will never win. If you continue, no matter how difficult, no matter how hard, no matter how stressful, you will win. People that give up, people that quit, never win. They are victims, not victors.

What does it mean to “never  give up?”

Does it mean we should keep  pushing further and harder,  even when it is not working?

Never give up” means:

It means you should know when to ask for help when you are going through rough times.

It means you should know when to say enough-is- enough.

It means you should be aware of the changes happening around you. Everything is changing.

It means you shouldn’t stupidly follow people without questioning their motives. People fight for what will benefit them- not what will benefit you.

It means you should face your obstacles with all that you have.

It means you shouldn’t give in to people that are telling you what you cannot do. They don’t know any better. Sometimes, these people don’t even know what they don’t know. When they say you can’t and shouldn’t do something you are passionate about, go ahead and explore your dreams. It is better to try and fail than to sit and fail.

It means you should honestly assess your strengths and weaknesses.

It means you shouldn’t blindly pursue unrealistic goals.

It means you shouldn’t take on tasks that are beyond your capabilities.

It means you shouldn’t be ignorant of reality.

People give up too soon because of obstacles. We need obstacles to survive. We need obstacles to stretch. We need obstacles to grow. Without obstacles, we cannot grow. Our growth comes from overcoming obstacles. If you have not faced obstacles in your life, it means you are not trying hard enough. Go look for a problem to fix.

Og Mandino, a motivational and inspirational writer, said, “Obstacles are necessary for success because in selling, as in all careers of importance, victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeat.”

Victory comes ONLY after many struggles- not before many struggles. So many people give up before they even started.

Don’t give up before you start. Don’t give in to fear, sickness, bad bosses, bad friends and bullies. Look them in the eye and take control of your life. Look them in the eye and take control of your career. Look them in the eye and take control of your relationships. You are the master of your life. If you allow people to control your life, you have lost your destiny. Control your life so that you can live a hopeful and productive life. Fyodor Dostoyesvsky said, “To live without hope is to cease to live.”

If you don’t quit, you will win.