Change Starts With You

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Change is a process. Process matters. If you cannot change yourself, don’t even think of changing anyone. The biggest mistake people make is trying to change who is not ready for a change. We don’t care to ask the person we are trying to change whether they are ready for it. We just go ahead and do it. We think they are ready, they are not. Change yourself first. Change starts with you. Look inside before looking outside. Change yourself before you think of changing others. According to Henry David Thoreau,”Things do not change, we change.”

For managers, before any change initiatives, make sure that  your people are part of the design. If not, you are preparing  yourself  for failure. People respect what they are part of.  People  take care of what they help in building.

People change because they want to change, not because you asked them to change. Change is personal. People will change when you show them what change really means. You do that by doing what you say you will do. Don’t say one thing and do another. Say one thing and do REALLY one thing. Show your people why you think change is important. Explain to them what would happen when they don’t want to change.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past  or present are certain to miss the future.- J. F. Kennedy

Change your thoughts and you change your world.- Norman  Vincent Pearle

Start the change process by beginning with the easiest thing to change. Then, you move to the difficult ones. Be patient. Change is a process, not a sprint.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it,  change your attitude.- Maya Angelou