5 Ways To Limit Your Talent

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“Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.”- Dr Joyce Brothers, psychologist

Most people think they don’t have what it takes to succeed. They think they need special talents, special skills, or special capabilities to succeed. I have good news for you: “You have what it takes to succeed already.” Your responsibility is to awaken the “sleeping talents” in you. You have all that you need to succeed. Nobody is going to do this for you. It is you, who can change your life.I can’t do it for you. You can do it for yourself. You are the driver of your life.

Let’s see how you are limiting your talents:

Negative Self-Image

When you see yourself as not good enough, as not beautiful enough, as not intelligent enough, you are reducing the talents that you have in you. You are reducing yourself. Instead, you should say something like, “I am worthy.” Stop diminishing yourself. Stop reducing your talent. Let’s look at what these two experts said about “Self-Image”:

“Our self-image, strongly held, essentially determines what we become.”- Dr. Maxwell Maltz, MD.

“A strong positive self-image is the best preparation for success.”- Dr. Joyce Brothers, psychologist

Negative Attitude.

Negative attitude drives positive things away from you. When people know that you are not a positive person, that your attitude is negative, they won’t want to do anything with you. You can change this by thinking positively about things. 

When people see problems, you see solutions

When they see obstacles, you see  learning opportunities

When they see fear, you see courage

When they think failure, you think success

When they see pride, you see humility

When they see negative, you see positive

You Focus on Your Limitations

When you focus on your limitations, you are reducing your talents. You will succeed in life if you focus on what you can do, not what you cannot do. Don’t focus on your limitations. Focus on your talent. Focus on your strengths. Your limitations can’t move you forward, only your strengths can lift you up. Only your strengths can change your situations. 

You Don’t Remember Your Talent

Don’t forget your talent. It is you. It is your key to success in life. Focus on your talent, develop your talent, and put it to use. When you do this, nothing can stop you from not doing well in life- except you stop yourself.

You Blame Others For Your Problems.

Blaming others when something bad happened to you allows you to shift the blame to another person. It allows you to shift away your responsibilities. Blaming others prevent you from learning from your mess. If you own it, you will learn from your mistakes. But, if you don’t own it, you cannot learn from your mistakes. Learning from your mistakes will give you  different ways of looking at things.