22 Motivational Dr. Joe Maclnnis Quotes on Leadership

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Lisa Fotios

Dr Joe Maclnnis is a physician-scientist and author who studies leadership in the high-risk environments- deep-leadership-and how its components can make us better leaders. Hope his leadership quotes motivate you to be a better leader.

LQ1. “Leadership is not about a rigid set of rules and standards; it’s about relationships, it’s about the complex ways people influence, inform, and inspire each other.

LQ2. Leaders learn that analysis begins by looking into the parts and synthesis begins by looking out from the parts.

LQ3. Great leaders are great speakers

LQ4. Leadership is words and images

LQ5. Great leaders know that being lighthearted gives the moment a luminous bounce.

LQ6. Great leaders are shaped by the challenges accepted  and self-knowledge achieved

LQ7. The best leaders find numerous ways of saying “I hear you; I understand you; I am  going to fight for you and do everything I can do to make your job easier.”

LQ8. Leadership is not just the responsibility of the people in the highest position. Everyone must participate in a dynamic relationship based on proficiency, personality, and trust.

LQ8. Great leaders search for “flow”, those moments of heightened awareness when physical toughness and cool competence come together to surmount a specific challenge.

LQ9. Great leaders are locked in, focused, and self-contained.

LQ10. The leaders responsibility is to monitor the strain, anticipate the breaking point, get the message to his team, and avoid the disaster.

LQ11. All great leaders have a first-hand knowledge of fear and know how to cope with it.

LQ12. All great leaders are familiar with the fear of failure, the fear of letting the team down, and the fear of injury or the loss of life.

LQ13. Leadership is all about psychology

LQ14. Great leaders operate within the framework of deeply held values about life and how to live it.

LQ15. Great leaders study literature, psychology, philosophy, sociology to understand the hopes, fears, aspirations, and dilemmas of humanity.

LQ16. Leadership is all about fulfilling the “needs” of the group and the individuals within the group.

LQ17. Leadership is like love. Their is no formula for it.

LQ18. Leadership means mentoring- creating challenges, expectations, and opportunities for future leaders.

LQ19. Leadership means removing obstacles, unearthing talents, and releasing energy and initiative.

LQ20. Leadership begins in small places, close to home.

LQ21. Leadership starts in the family, in the schoolyard, and in the workplace.

LQ22. Great leaders are levity makers.”