18 Motivational Sir Ernest Shackleton Quotes on Management

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Sir Ernest Shackleton was a terrific antarctic explorer. Here are 16 motivational Shackleton quotes that will you become a better leader.

On Leadership Development

MQ1. “Cultivate a sense of compassion and responsibility for others. You have a bigger impact on the lives of those under you than you can imagine.

MQ2. Broaden your cultural and social horizons beyond your usual experiences. Learning to see things from different perspectives will give you greater flexibility in problem solving at work.

MQ3. Learn from past mistakes— yours and those made by others. Sometimes the best teachers are the bad bosses and the negative experiences.

On Recruiting and Selection

MQ4. Hire those who share your vision. Someone who clashes with your personality or the corporate culture will hinder your work.

MQ5. Hire those with the talents and expertise you lack. Don’t feel threatened by them. They will help you stay on the cutting edge and bring distinction to your organization.

MQ6. To help your staff do top-notch work, give them the best equipment you can afford. Working with outdated , unreliable tools create an unnecessary burden

On Team Building

MQ7. Always keep the door open to your staff members, and be generous with information that affects them. Well-informed employees are more eager and better prepared to participate

MQ8. Where possible, have employees work together on certain tasks. It builds trust and respect and even friendship.

On Talent Development

MQ9. Create a work environment comfortable enough to entice professionals to spend the greater part of their working working hours there. Allow for some personal preferences.

MQ10. Match the person to the position. Be observant of the types of people who are working for you and what jobs might suit their personalities as well as their experience.

MQ11. Give consistent feedback on performance. Most workers feel they don’t get nearly enough words of praise and encouragement

MQ12. Be tolerant. Know each employee’s strengths and weaknesses, and set reasonable expectations. Occasionally indulging individuals, even if you think they are being too needy, can have a powerful effect, especially in high-stress situations

On Leading During Crisis

MQ13. When crisis strikes, immediately address your staff. Take charge of the situation, offer a plan of action, ask for support, and show absolute confidence in a positive outcome

MQ14. Defuse tension. In high-stress situations use humor to put people at ease, and keep your staff busy.

MQ15. Let go of the past. Don’t waste time or energy regretting past mistakes or fretting over what you can’t change.

MQ16. Give your staff plenty of time to get used to the idea of an unpopular decision.

MQ17. Plan several options in detail. Get a grasp of the possible consequences of each, always keeping your eye on the big picture

On Overcoming Obstacles

MQ18. Motivate your staff to be independent. If you have been a good leader, they will have the determination to succeed on their own.”