Workplace Relationships

The relationships you have with your co-workers are so important to you, and the organization. They determine your happiness at work. If the relationships you have with your co-workers and your managers are not healthy, you are not going to be happy at work. You only go to work because you need the money to pay your bills.

You can be happy at work if you take the time to develop SOME great relationships with your co-workers. But remember, you cannot make everybody happy, you can make some of them, who are positively ready to be happy at work, happy. On the other hand, you don’t expect everyone to be happy with you at work. It is not going to happen. Some people will be for you, others will be against you. It is life, you cannot change it.

If you can maintain a healthy and a constructive working relationships with your co-workers, you will really enjoy your work. And your organization will enjoy your work, because you are giving the organization your best.

How to build positive relationships at work?

To build great relationships with the people you work with, here are some suggestions for you:

Show empathy: Try to understanding where they are coming from, put yourself in their situations, and understand them as  person, not just co-workers.

Show gratitude: Always say “thank you” whenever your co-workers help you achieve something.

Show respect: Respect your co-workers, and they will respect you. It is a two-way street.

Be Friendly: People want to work with colleagues that are friendly, not complainers. Be friendly.

Don’t Gossip: When your co-workers find out that you gossip a lot, they will not trust you anymore. They will hold back important information about the organization.

Say Positive Things About Your Colleagues: Never say anything negative about your co-workers. If you don’t have anything to say, keep your mouth shut!

Be an Ethical Worker: Always do the right things.

Don’t forget to work on your social and emotional intelligence.

  • Social Intelligence: how you behave and your understanding of other people in a social settings.
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Understanding of your behavior and other people’s behavior, and how to manage relationships.

Let’s look at some causes of negative relationships at work:

Lack of Respect: If you don’t respect your co-workers, they will not respect you. As I said earlier, it is a two-way street.

They feel they are not part of the organization: When people feel excluded at work, they will not trust anyone. They will come for the money, not the job. They will start to behave in ways that the organization is not comfortable with.

They feel neglected by management: If you don’t show employees that they are important to you, they will show you that your organization is not important to them.

Lack of Trust: When employees don’t trust each other, they will not be too friendly. They will not like to open up. They will prefer to work in silo (alone with nobody).

Zero Empathy: You will here comments like: “I don’t care what is happening to him or her.” This kind of a statement is what you hear in an organization where there is zero empathy.

Lack of Communication: Where there is no trust, there is going to be poor communication. An organization where communication is not a priority, nothing really gets done.

If you are currently working in an organization where the above things happen everyday, it is time for you to start looking for another job. Don’t leave before you find another job. Quit with dignity and respect.