They Know Where They Are Going.

Successful people know where they are going to in life. Unsuccessful people don’t know where they are going to in life. They have no plan. They have no goals. They are wanderers.

People with goals succeed because they know where they are going to.” – Earl Nightingale

Do you know where you are going to? What are your life plans?

It is important to have a life plan because life is a marathon, not a sprint. If you know where you are going to, it makes YOUR journey much easier. It allows you to prepare very well for what is to come- battles that life will throw at you. It increases your focus. It increases your motivation to succeed. It strengthens your inner power to fight the battles along the way. It saves your energy. It prevents distractions (the world is full of all kinds of distractions). It gives you something to fight for. It gives you something to hope for. According to Georges Bernanos, French author, “Hope is a risk that must be run.” It gives you a sense of purpose- a life with meaning. Thomas Carlyle, said, “A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.”

For example, if you plan to go on holiday, the first thing you do (after buying your ticket) is to bring out your GPS or a road map (if you still use one). You know for sure that without a GPS, or a road map, you will find it challenging to get to where you are going to. The same principle is applied to life. You need a GOOD road map. Another example is, if you are a student, before you take any course, the first thing you do is to know why you are taking that course. If you don’t have any plan, it wouldn’t make any sense enrolling in it. A concrete plan is necessary to succeed in life.

What happens when you don’t know where you are going to in life?

The following things happen:

  • You wander around with nothing to show for it
  • It means you have no purpose in life, because you are jumping on any bus that comes your way.
  • It means you are watching people get things done.

In order to follow your path to success, SET YOUR OWN GOALS, NOT PEOPLE’S GOALS. Pursue your dreams with all your energy, determination, and focus, you will succeed.