14 Motivational John Maxwell Quotes on Leadership

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Dr. John Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and author, who have sold over 12 millions books. Below are some of his quotes that speak to me:

  1. A leader’s success can be defined as the maximum utilization of the abilities of those under him.” John Maxwell
  2. “It takes a leader with vision to see the future within the person.”  John Maxwell
  3. “Leaders MUST model the leadership they desire.”  John Maxwell
  4. “Great leaders share themselves and what they have learned.”  John Maxwell
  5. To develop positive, successful people, look for the gold, not the dirt.”  John Maxwell
  6. “You can connect with people and lead them only if you value them.”  John Maxwell
  7. Character flaws cannot be ignored. They will eventually make a leader ineffective.”  John Maxwell
  8. “A proven leader always has a proven record.”  John Maxwell
  9. “People always grow toward a leader’s expectations.”  John Maxwell
  10. “The growth and development is the highest calling of leadership.”  John Maxwell
  11. “Good leaders are good listeners.”  John Maxwell
  12. “It takes a leader to know a leader, grow a leader, and show a leader.”  John Maxwell
  13. “Grow a leader- grow the organization.”  John Maxwell
  14. Acquiring and keeping good people is a leader’s MOST important task.”  John Maxwell

“Grow a leader- grow the organization.”– John Maxwell