50 Reasons Why People Don’t Succeed in Life

Success means different things to different people. But there are so many reasons people don’t succeed in life. Here are just a few:

  1. They believe they can’t succeed.
  2. They lack self-confidence
  3. They have low-self esteem
  4. They have a fixed-mindset
  5. They don’t think creatively
  6. They surround themselves with small thinkers
  7. They cannot manage their environment
  8. They are not happy
  9. They lack social connections
  10. They don’t take initiatives
  11. They don’t get things done. They are procrastinators
  12. They don’t invest in themselves
  13. They set unrealistic goals
  14. They surround themselves with the wrong people
  15. They don’t follow-through
  16. They think failure all the time
  17. They stop learning anything new.
  18. They don’t think/act big.
  19. They are in the wrong profession
  20. They embrace mind-defeating strategies to problem-solving
  21. They give up too soon
  22. They underestimate their brainpower
  23. They don’t learn from their mistakes
  24. They are wishful thinkers
  25. They engage in self-destructive behaviors
  26. They don’t smile
  27. They don’t know themselves
  28. They wait for people to approve their actions
  29. They compete with small-minded people
  30. They live in the past
  31. They don’t live in the moment
  32. They live in the future
  33. They don’t stretch their minds
  34. They believe it cannot be done
  35. They focus on talking, instead of listening
  36. They don’t write things down
  37. They hate feedback
  38. They can’t control their thoughts
  39. They don’t dress right
  40. They are masters of unethical behaviors
  41. They hate their jobs
  42. They don’t manage their relationships well
  43. They spread common talks about anything
  44. They are poor time managers
  45. They don’t think they are important
  46. They talk, but no actions
  47.  They focus on results
  48. They don’t understand that ideas alone won’t bring success
  49. They are great manipulators
  50. They are financially irresponsible

And many more…..