Why Employee Appreciation?

Man and Women Hand Shake

Why is employee appreciation important? Why do managers need to appreciate their employees?

As human beings, it is who we are. We want to be appreciated. We want our managers to recognize our efforts, our commitment, we want our managers to understand that money is not everything.

So, what is appreciation?

According to Collins Cobuild English Dictionary, “if you appreciate a situation or problem, you understand it and know what it involves. if you say you appreciate what someone has done for you, you mean that you are grateful to them for it. Someone’s appreciation of something is their recognition and enjoyment of its good quality”

Why are managers not showing enough appreciation?

Jill Geisler, leadership expert, in her amazing book, Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know, put it this way, “please don’t be one of those bosses who think a paycheck should be thanks enough, or that managers shouldn’t thank people for doing what they are supposed to do”. She adds, ‘your sincere gratitude matters, especially when people see that you’ve gone out of your way to share it.'”

To show how important to us “appreciation” is, an American philosopher and psychologist, William James said, “The deepest practice in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” 

He is right. We crave to be recognized and be appreciated.

Why is showing enough appreciation so important?

it a way of letting your employees know their contributions are highly valued and recognized.

it shows that you know what it takes to get the job done.

it is an amazing way of providing feedback to employees

it opens communication channels between employees and their managers.

It is a way of saying “thank you”

It is a valuable tool to motivate and retain talents.


Say, “Thank You”, or “Good Night”, for what you have done today before you leave the office, is better than financial recognition.

If you want your employees to do more, appreciate their efforts, show it, say it, don’t hide it. If you don’t say it, your employees won’t hear it, and if they don’t hear it, it won’t affect them.”

Appreciate yourself.  Appreciate your employees. Do it more often.