68 Things You Need to Know About Great Leaders

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1 Great leaders face challenges. They don’t run away from them.

2 Great leaders embrace rejections.

3 Great leaders get ahead by doing what others are afraid to do.

4 Great leaders design their own life, they don’t want anybody to control their destiny, and they make decisions regarding their future.

5 Great leaders study their vocation or their area(s) of interest.

6 Great leaders study indiscriminately. They read anything that will help them grow. They read anything that would put them ahead of others.

7 Great leaders are MORE committed to whatever they chose to do.

8 Great leaders are great at ONE thing. They focus on one thing before moving on to the next thing on their playbook.

9 Great leaders have competence, knowledge and skills required to get ahead of others.

10 Great leaders learn from the best, they have mentors, they read a lot, and they listen.

11 Great leaders are high performers.

12 Great leaders are comfortable with difficult situations- in life and in business.

13 Great leaders are MASTER learners. They are life long learners. They understand that the knowledge of yesterday is no longer relevant today.

14 Great leaders LEARN BY EXAMPLE. They watch what others in their field have successfully, they do the same, they apply the same principles, methods, and techniques.

15 Great leaders learn, think, and grow from inside out.

16 Great leaders understand the importance of change, as a result, they make change stick.

17 Great leaders encourage their employees to seek positive change- both in personal life and in business life.

18 Great leaders re-discover their passion.

19 Great leaders deal with anger in a positive way. They work very hard to prevent the spill over effects of anger. They know anger is contagious.

20 Great leaders understand the power of habits. GOOD and BAD habits.

21 Great leaders attract more love, GIVE more love, to their employees, families and friends. GIVE MORE, TAKE LESS.

22 Great leaders are MORE mindful. They are aware of their environment.

23 Great leaders recognize and celebrate small victories.

24 Great leaders see beyond their comfort zone.

25 Great leaders understand that the world has changed and will continue to change.

26 Great leaders PRACTICE leadership. Always!

27 Great leaders prioritize their energy. They check and balance how they spend their energy.

28 Great leaders believe in themselves, they have confidence in their abilities, and don’t doubt themselves.

29 Great leaders change their BAD habits, and maintain the ones that are positive. Good habits construct. Bad habits destroy.

30 Great leaders maintain their positive habits.

31 Great leaders MOVE FAST. They don’t delay in their decision making processes.

32 Great leaders are ALWAYS prepared.

33 Great leaders work very hard, and they work very smart.

34 Great leaders know that investment is a long term game, not a short term game.

35 Great leaders understand that every failure is an opportunity for growth.

36 Great leaders ask for help when needed.

37 Great leaders trust their team. They allow them to be who they REALLY are. They don’t micromanage them. They give their people autonomy.

38 Great leaders evaluate their routine. Great leaders change their routine if it is hurting them, and maintain if it puts them ahead of others.

39 Great leaders are great thinkers, great philosophers, great economists, great psychologists, great sociologists, great engineers, and great mathematicians. Above all, THEY ARE GREAT HUMAN BEINGS.

40 Great leaders provide ethical solutions to their customers

41 Great leaders, when it comes to decision making, are good listeners, but trust their decisions.

42 Great leaders know that they cannot work alone, and they reach out for help. They know that relationship is everything- in life and in business. They work hard to protect  relationships they have with their employees, customers, stakeholders, and their communities.

43 Great leaders are great translators. They translate data into insights and actions.

44 Great leaders listen, learn, and build great things.

45 Great leaders have a beginner’s mindset. They don’t consider themselves experts, they see themselves as learners.

46 Great leaders know that power is temporary. Position is temporary. Titles are temporary. But integrity stays forever.

47 Great leaders know that reputation is all that matters.

48 Great leaders know that in order to grow their businesses, they must invest in their employees. They see investments in their employees as an asset, not a liability.

49 Great leaders build a corporate culture of respect, where employees, (front line or executives), customers, suppliers, and stakeholders are treated with respect and dignity.

50 Great leaders don’t work for themselves, they work for their employees. They are there to serve their organizations.

51 Great leaders put their hearts and souls into what they do, no matter how small or big.

52 Great leaders know that must people fail in life and in business because they lack focus. No defined plan. No clear road map. No strategy.

53 Great leaders focus on the MOMENT, but never forget their competitors.

54 Great leaders treat their employees the same way they would want to be treated.

55 Great leaders ask, “What do you think?”.

56 Great leaders understand the importance of diversity to business success.

57 Great leaders are students of self discovery.

58 Great leaders create PURPOSE for others.

59 Great leaders use the word “We”, not “I”.

60 Great leaders understand that employees derive happiness from finding purpose in what they do.

61 Great leaders don’t re-invent the wheel.

62 Great leaders know that in order to succeed in life and in business, you have to have great CHARACTER.

Talent without character is nothing, it means nothing, and it produces nothing.

63 Great leaders hire smart people and give them the tools to succeed.

People succeed because they have the right tools. Give them the right tools, put them in the right environment, give them the right job, pair them with the right mentor, and they will succeed.

64 Great leaders know that recruiting talents with great values and the right attitude is better than hiring talents with the wrong attitude.

Attitude is everything.


65 Great leaders encourage their employees to take care of their mental, physical, social, and psychological health.

66 Great leaders have a great and unstoppable attitude.

67 Great leaders are vulnerable. They admit what they don’t know.

68 Great leaders control their happiness.

Be A Great Leader. Great People Will Follow You!