What Does Success Mean To You?

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What does success mean to you?

This is one of the questions you will get when interviewing for a job. The question is: “Do you know what the interviewer is looking for?” The answer to this question depends on the interviewee’s professional success.

In order to answer this question correctly, here are some of the things the interviewer wants to hear:

The interviewer wants to know what makes you succeed in your job. Give credit to those that helped you succeed. You didn’t do it alone. 

The interviewer wants to know whether you learned anything from your success. Explain to the interviewer what you learned from your success, how you did it, with whom you did it, and how you will execute the strategies in your future projects. Don’t talk about personal success. Talk more about your professional success, because the interviewer is interested in your professional success-not personal success.

Talk about accomplishments that are related to the job you are interviewing for. Pick specific examples with proven results, not without results.

Don’t say:

  • You never fail. When you say something like this, you have personally destroyed your credibility. They will not trust you anymore, and you have JUST lost the job.
  • You are always successful. The interviewer knows that you are lying. Don’t say it. Be honest. Instead, talk about projects that didn’t work well for you, and explain what you learned from them.
  • I don’t know what ‘success’ means.