Interview Study Guide

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When interviewing for a job position, interviewers or hiring managers ask different questions from different areas.

When you are preparing for a job interview, it will help you a LOT if you practice past interview questions that covers the following areas:

  • Knowledge of a company
  • Your professional goals
  • Your interests
  • Leadership
  • Money
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Qualification(s)
  • Travel
  • Analytical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Behaviors
  • Achievements
  • Personal relations
  • Difficult questions
  • Self management
  • Stress management.

Knowledge of a Company

Who are they? What do they do? How do they do it? How long have they been in business? With whom are they doing business? How do they compete? What are their values?

Your Goals

They want to know: Where do you want to be in a few years? Your long and short term goals? Your plans of achieving those goals? Why your goals are important to you?

Your Interest

Interviewers want to know something about your interests. They want to know what your interest are. How are your interests connected to the job you are interviewing for? Why are your chosen interests important to you? Interviewers want to know. Be ready!


Expect to talk about your preferred leadership style. Why you prefer one leadership style over the other ones. Expect to talk about how you have lead people before. How do you lead yourself? How do you lead others? 

Some interviewers might even ask you to define leadership. The best possible solution this question is to READ everything about leadership. I know it’s a lot to digest, but you can do it.


This is one of the most difficult interview questions that interviewees don’t want to talk about. Can we avoid talking about money? My answer is a resounding “NO”!

But expect questions from the following areas:

How much are you expecting to earn? What do you think we (interviewers) should pay you? 


You should expect questions about your previous experience. You should expect to talk about how your experience qualify you for the job you are interviewing for. You should expect to talk about what you have done before, and how you did it. How did you feel? what did you learn from it? 


You should expect to talk about your PAST and CURRENT educational experiences. Whether you are under or overqualified for the job, why you chose the school that you went to, why you chose the courses that you studied, and why you chose your major/minor.

Difficult Questions

Yes, difficult questions. These are “trap you”questions. It requires you to give  precise and accurate answers to the questions.

Self Management

Expect to talk about how you conduct yourself at work, how you conduct yourself to get a job done, how you empower others to succeed, how you make decisions, and how you control yourself.

Stress Management

Expect to talk about how you manage stress, how you prioritize your tasks, your reactions when you are under pressure, and your strategies you use in managing stress.


They will ask you questions about your creativity, whether you are comfortable with chaos, whether you like to take initiatives, and whether you are comfortable with problem-solving. Note: Expect a lot of questions about CREATIVITY when you are interviewing for a technology job.


Expect lots of behavioral questions from the interviewer(s). 


Expect lots of questions about what you have achieved professionally, how you achieved them, and why they are important to you.

Personal Relations

Expect how you work with people, how you work with difficult people, how you work with people that you don’t like, how you resolve conflict, how you manage your boss, and how you treat coworkers, customers etc.


Expect to talk about your qualifications. Expect to talk about whether your qualification is suitable for the job you are interviewing for. Expect to defend your qualification if your qualification is not up to what they are looking for. Expect to talk about why you did not continue your studies. Expect to talk about gaps in your qualifications.


If you are interviewing for consulting, marketing, sales management, managerial jobs, project management, you should expect to talk a lot about travelling.

They will ask you whether you are willing to travel. They will ask you where you have been to, and how often you travel. Sometimes, some interviewers will ask questions about other cultures. Be prepared.

Analytical Thinking

Expect questions about your analytical thinking skills. This is all about problem solving skills. Expect to provide examples of situations where you have applied your analytical thinking skills. Again, if you are interviewing for a technology or startups company, be ready to answer lots of questions about analytical thinking skills.