Why are Talents Leaving Your Company?

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Why are talents leaving your organization? Talents are leaving your organization because something important to them is missing. In this short article, you will have the chance to learn about: Micromanagement.

Micromanagement: In today’s economy, employees want to be free to do what they want. They want to, at least, have control over their jobs. When employees are allowed to control their own destiny at work, it increases their level of creativity, happiness, and productivity. 

The biggest problem with micromanagement is that it reduces the level of trust between employees and managers. As you know, “A relationship without trust is not a true relationship.”

Here are some suggestions to prevent this from happening in your workplace:

  • Managers should set a clear goal and communicate clearly to employees on how to achieve it.
  • Allow employees to do their job freely without micromanaging them.
  • Give your employees autonomy. “Autonomy is what talents are searching for.”
  • If not, your best talents will search for the next company that will offer the freedom they are looking for.